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Jay Young

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If Jay R. Young has one central message to investors, it is this: it is time for a change to the way oil and gas deals get done.

Oil is a risky, risky business. It’s not uncommon for people who invest in oil and gas to lose money. But the business keeps plugging along. People love to believe in the promise of the next big thing, so they toss their money at an investment deal on a wing and a prayer. More often than not, they end up with nothing to show for it except a lighter wallet.

To continue to do things the same way is insanity. So Jay came up with a different way. In his talks, he discusses how he came to think of investing in oil and gas differently, using lessons from real life.

Book Jay R. Young to speak on the topics of:

  • The way oil and gas investment deals have been done historically. And why it doesn’t work.
  • The new way of investing, what does work, and how King Operating is changing the industry.
  • Best practices, tips, and insights on the right way to invest.
  • The importance of teamwork and the necessity of making your investors part of your team.
  • The future of the oil and gas industries and industry from a global perspective.

Are You Getting the Upside Expected from Your Oil and Gas Investment?

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Are You Getting the Upside Expected from Your Oil and Gas Investment?

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