The Most Important Presidential Election of Our Lifetime

By the time this article is published, the 2020 Presidential Election will be over and we will have either re-elected President Donald Trump or elected Joe Biden as the new President. Personally, I’ve never experienced the kind of emotion, passion, and tension across our nation involving previous Presidential elections. Understandably, as citizens, we are all […]

oil & gas

Oil Industry Analysis & Why NOW is the Best Time to Consider Investing in Oil & Gas

The dire effects of COVID-19 have negatively impacted our global society and world economies in ways not previously experienced or ever contemplated in this century. Our economic system has been devastated in incredible proportions.  Trillions have been lost in the value of the stock market, as well as massive declines in real estate values with […]

Oil and Gas Investing Redefined: What a 4th Generation Oil and Gas Entrepreneur has Learned about the Industry and the Cycles of Investing in Oil and Gas for our Future

In the new shale-dominated world, we all know the industry is changing. With threats including geopolitical issues, shale production declines, and 25% fewer rigs drilling from oil and gas than a year ago, the oil markets anticipate a spike in oil prices by end of the year or first quarter 2021. As high-net-worth investors grow […]