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“Having spent years observing how people invest in oil and gas – and how many of those people fail—I can truthfully say that I’ve developed a better way.”

Oil and Gas Business Authority, Keynote Speaker and ForbesBooks Author

Oil is in Jay R .Young’s blood. The industry in his bones. There’s no getting around it: it is his legacy. A fourth-generation oil man, Jay was born into an oil and gas family, and has spent his whole life in the industry. He understands the good and the bad; the difference between a “sure thing” and “risky business.” He’s made a lot of money—and lost some too. Through it all, he’s come to see very clearly that there’s a right way to invest in oil and gas, and a wrong way.

And the way it’s always been done is the wrong way.

Jay knows because he used to do it too. But now, he’s out to teach investors that there is a better way.

In 1996, Jay founded King Operating Corporation to put his knowledge into practice.

King Operating offers a unique, sophisticated and scalable platform for accredited investors to participate in oil and gas. The company’s leadership team boasts over one hundred years of collective industry experience. Working with King Operating, you can trust you’re getting insider-advice from the best.  From his father, Jay learned integrity and the value of hard work. As a result, he is not one to shy away from putting in the hours to get the job done. He lives by the philosophy that the risks and hard work get the rewards.

Are You Getting the Upside Expected from Your Oil and Gas Investment?

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Are You Getting the Upside Expected from Your Oil and Gas Investment?

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King Operating

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